Personalisation at scale and a connected experience


For us, it means understanding and delivering against the needs of potential customers at each stage of the sales cycle.


Pipeline management

The term B2B CRM is used to refer to systems, technologies and also marketing contact informed by customer data. In short, a variety of things that help B2B companies manage their sales pipeline and relationships with customers. For us, it means understanding and delivering against the needs of potential customers at each stage of the sales cycle.

We help clients with everything from e-newsletters to engage infrequent buyers through to the full implementation of technical solutions which streamline processes, the customer experience and integrate Sales & Marketing contact.


Prospecting and lead generation

We help clients progressively profile their B2B customers and prospects leveraging our B2B Marketing Stack.

Throughout the marketing funnel, we seek to continually learn more about a prospect’s needs and where they are in the buying cycle, i.e. the funnel stage they’ve reached so that appropriate contact can be planned to nudge them along their path to purchase.


CRM programmes

Post-acquisition, we use campaign and sales data, typically sourced from the CRM, to target customers with the products and services that are likely to resonate the most.

We have a proven track record of designing and executing CRM programmes across a variety of sectors – mining historical data from sales or content engagement across website, social media or email to inform campaign targeting, build a bespoke segmentation or triggered communications activity. All the above is supported with Artificial Intelligence to focus sales and Marketing on the right leads.


Enabled by best-in-class digital eco-systems

Once a central B2B CRM platform has been implemented to provide the basis for activity, we ensure it is connected to the wider technology ecosystem.

All leads are then assigned through a pre-defined Sales process enabled through the CRM:

  • All subsequent activity is recorded within the system.
  • Marketing qualified leads are leads that reach a defined threshold lead score (MQLs) can be auto assigned for triage and/or directly assigned to follow up.
  • Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are assigned for action by the Sales team.