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Some news and views from across our team of B2B marketing specialists.

Value is relative

How the humble potato inspires Graymatter to ensure our clients don’t all get the same answer, but benefit from a tailor-made response that results from many options being considered.

Myths about strategy

Colin, who heads up Planning and Behavioural Economics at Graymatter, shares five myths about strategy that he's encountered in his career.

Smart B2B marketing is all about balance

If you’re a brand that gets talked about, and readily springs most to mind, then you have a serious advantage over less familiar competitors.

The importance of collaboration

It sounds ridiculously simple, but to deliver more effective marketing activity we need to create more robust marketing strategies.

The five rules of digital strategy

We explore how to make the right investment choices to maximise competitive advantage.

Keeping up with Social

5 top tips to keep up with ever changing social trends; you may have a social media manager and a content strategy but adopting new innovations allows you to keep up with your audience.

Content Strategy

Content will need to do more than just sell...

Our Latest Achievement

A big part of our strategy recently has been to celebrate our market-leading and market-defining solutions within B2B Marketing...

10 questions with… Jason Lannin

This week we spoke to Jason, Digital Director, to get his thoughts...

B2B Brave Award Win - Advanced FairITales Campaign

As Graymatter wins Best Demand Generation Campaign for Advanced FairITales at the B2B Brave Awards in New York, we tell the full Advanced rebrand story.