Users are switching from device to device to access content be that on desktop, mobile, tablet or wearable. User journeys have evolved to an eco-system of channels and touch-points where users perform calculations, searches, comparisons, reviews etc. before making that final connection with the brand, be that a purchase, like, share or follow.

The customer journey is fragmented and complex so it's vitally important that the customer experience (CX) is seamless and joined up to ensure satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. Key factors that contribute to a good CX are;

My schematic below illustrates channel and touch-point consideration to ensure the tactical implementation is understood and the CX is maximised;




Insights: To support this the following path to purchase infographic from Google shows how the trend is evidenced in the travel sector with users going across devices as part of their journey and decision making process.

Google insights

Take out: Ensure your brand is represented with a joined up approach with clear and consistent messaging, understanding your customer journey, channel and touchpoint to drive a positive customer experience.

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Difference between CX and UX:

Good digital UX gives a user/customer the ability to:

Good CX gives a user/customer the ability to:

Source: Digitalgov