A short while ago, we unveiled the new Whole Life Cost calculator for Vauxhall Fleet exploring the rationale behind Organic UI and it’s relevance in the new tool. The design however, only formed part of the new tool and included in our brief was the requirement to address speed, data integrity, the filtering of vehicles, different device support and new calculations.

The Whole Life Cost calculator utilises a large database of vehicle data from CAP. Using our data expertise in-house at Graymatter, we developed a new library for interrogating the raw data, paving the way for future projects utilising CAPs comprehensive vehicle data offering. With speed so critical to user experience of the new tool, a flexible data caching strategy was implemented meaning that users get the most responsive experience and still benefit from the latest data.

One of the most impressive features present in the new tool is the ability to configure vehicle options and their dependencies. Not only does it break down your tax liability for different vehicle options, but it only lets a user specify compatible optional extras. For example, you can’t request cloth and leather seats at once and our tool reflects this. This posed an interesting challenge in development but one that we overcame and built reusable functionality to manage the process.

Additionally, in order to cater for the specifics of our users, the new tool was able to calculate a persons tax liability based on a vehicle delivery date. In other words, it’s capable of calculating the amount of tax paid in overlapping years.

It was also decided to offer an increased number of results to the user. This necessitated documenting and modelling a myriad of different calculations based on the range of data that the user provided. Utilising the knowledge of Graymatter’s technical authors, we were able to present the confusing world of vehicle tax and whole life cost in an engaging way.

A new tool that’s more usable, feature-rich and accurate. Graymatter delivered!