So Apple release their new creation to a fanfare of fashionable sneers from the blogging community. Ground Hog day – didn’t this happen with the iPhone? And that’s done rather well.

No it can’t run Microsoft Word. No it doesn’t have a camera. No it isn’t OLED or colour e-ink. But as the Lord Job’s said – it is designed to do certain tasks very well. It is not supposed to replace a PC or a phone. It’s new.

I have a sneaking suspicion that this really is a life changing moment in the evolution of personal computing.  And what all the bloggers, and anti-Applers don’t get or appreciate is the content and software model. Apple is essentially a software company, and now content provider – not a hardware company. This is why HP, Microsoft etc just can’t compete on such a solution (cue Ballmer at CES with the HP tablet demo - hmm) – because they ignore the software and content.

Well – other than Google of course… Apple do have a rightfully wary eye on them. Could Google be the reason why Apple and Microsoft become firm friends in the future?

This will change the way media, newspapers and books are consumed – it will take a few revisions and a few years, but it will happen.