Emojis don't sell cars

I’d like to start this by saying, "I am a huge fan of social and truly believe in its impact". However, I see many brands using social channels to ‘chase’ millennials to the cost of sales or engagement. ‘Hold the front page’ – posting an image of a young and trendy millennial, or spraying emojis around, is guaranteed to not engage millennials with your brand.

So, what do millennials want?

  1. They want brands that understand them and they can talk to = Engagement
  2. They want socially responsible brands that follow up on their actions and play a good game, not just talk one = Social Responsibility (and that doesn’t mean low energy light bulbs!)
  3. And, they want authentic details about your brand so they can engage deeper = Authenticity

Image from Chevy Cruze TV advert

Hey, what’s the worst that can happen..?

Well, if you’re McDonalds, you can attempt to trend with emojis and not address the main topic of how your food is sourced and produced. Unfortunately, where the restaurant chain has succeeded in delivering their food message in their new UK TV ads, they have failed with their ‘Traffic Jam’ campaign and ‘How You Met’ social emoji led work. And as for the new Euro TV ads...

So what's the answer?

Quite simply, let your agency manage your page and you (the Brand) manage your strategy by aligning your brand pillars to the needs of millennials.

Don't just post trendy images or plan to ’build it and they will come’. Because they won't. Use good old segmentation and targeting, and don't jump on the ’millennial’ bandwagon if you are not a millennial brand. Because you will look like dad dancing. And nobody wants to watch their dad dance.

This can be summed up in one of the biggest f@!k ups on social.

If you are not aware of the above, step away from your social now.

If you are aware:

Gavin W H Anderson | Head of Strategy | 21st April 2017

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