Mainly yes...

PokéStops are like gold dust! They're great for parks, city centres, museums and attractions; areas that local councils should promote to bring in more footfall. Using PokéStops to draw in new visitors is a brilliant idea, but I'm not sure how many councils will get on the bandwagon quickly enough. Regardless, attractions that have PokéStops are enjoying waves of new visitors!

PokéStops can drive footfall, but be aware this new footfall may not be interested in your product! For a café PokéStops can work well as people may buy a coffee or a drink. But for a restaurant or hotel this only works if you are happy for visitors to wander around with their phones. Remember, you do have guests that could be put off if they are paying to stay/eat while other people are wandering around catching Pokémon...

They can be great for work. PokéStops encourage teams of people to go outside during their lunch breaks. This is a brilliant result and good way to encourage team building in large companies. Companies should definitely get behind this new craze and add lures to either their green spaces or PokéStops near their businesses.

How can you make your business a hot spot? This can be done by controlling a Gym or having a PokéStop (you can’t buy the stops now, but just wait a few weeks and you never know!). However, if you go for the option of trying to maintain a gym you will need to invest time and money in it to keep it running, enticing and credible to gamers.

So, in the short term PokéStops are creating footfall and in my view every bar should be hiding a Pokémon or hosting a PokéStop with a lure. Every museum or gallery should be full of them, as well as shopping centres, restaurants and hotels. However, I am not so sure about shops as people are usually there for a function or purpose. Really, you have to applaud this revenue model; Gamers are paying for in app purchases and businesses are paying to lure in the players, so Niantic are getting paid from all directions.

The BIG news is... This is the start of AR gaming! This is the tip of the tip of the iceberg! Some of us will remember Aurasma a few years ago, leaving clues or images around the world for future visitors, but now we will see more games, from dungeon and dragons to detectives, explode onto the market! Pokémon GO has been the watershed for AR gaming.

Gavin Anderson | Director | 28th July 2016