The importance of collaboration

It sounds ridiculously simple, but to deliver more effective marketing activity we need to create more robust marketing strategies. A major barrier on the road to a coherent strategy is the sheer number of channels and tactical options available to us.

In contrast to strategy, tactics are easy to get on with. Strategy starts with a step back from day-to-day deliverables and getting upstream of the core business problem. So tactics often win out.

Career paths often mean developing a deep level of channel expertise, which comes at the expense of a broad experience base and deep familiarity with the fundamentals of marketing. This makes it easier to crack on with optimising pieces of the puzzle, rather than stepping back to solve the whole thing.

The channel can then become an end in its own right, rather than a means to an end. A case of not seeing the wood for the trees, perhaps.

At Graymatter, our team is deliberately diverse. Something which can be quite rare for a relatively small independent. New clients have told us that a portfolio of network agencies have previously been required to provide joined-up-thinking, meaningful innovation and cost efficiencies.

However, we also believe collaboration is a key component of success – and crucial to shortcutting the process of delivering thinking which is fully formed. It’s important than agencies don’t let their specialists bunch together in their individual teams. They need to work alongside generalists to explore the art of the possible.

For larger projects, we mitigate this issue by coming together ahead of a written brief – at an ‘Ignition’ session, to immerse ourselves in our clients’ problems and ignite our creative thinking.

Colin Gray | Planning and Behavioural Economics


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