Effective Marketing Automation

Below are my 4 tips for effective Marketing Automation.

1. Planning, Planning, Planning

The first step is to be clear about your marketing objectives. Identify the channels you want to use (email, social media, websites or a mix) and consider what you need to communicate, how frequently and what you need the outcome or action to be.

Marketing Automation doesn’t make marketing easier though! You will spend longer planning your campaigns, including identifying the email triggers, landing pages, forms, content and nurture streams that will improve and optimise your marketing efforts.

2. Collect data, understand your audience

I’m a passionate believer in data-driven insights. Gather information about your target audience, including their behaviours and similarity to others in your data. So at times, it means you can almost pre-determine the outcome-based historical data.

For example, you might send three different emails to three different persona types to dramatically improve your results.

3. Score Your Leads

Not every lead is equal. Your prospects will be at different points in their purchase decision making. Some will be ready to commit, others will need more time and more information. A real advantage to using Marketing Automation software is lead scoring. A lead scoring matrix helps you work out the interest levels (who is hot, and who is not) and you can use lead scoring as a means to trigger nurture programmes or decide to pass the lead on to your sales team.

4. Re-invent the Sales Process

You will need to review your sales process. Marketing Automation is able to deliver you more reliable and consistent results, but your sales team need to make changes to how they work. They will need to stop selling and start converting! The sales process should be shorter and conversion higher when using marketing automation. Agreeing on the approach to sales engagement is key to success.

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David Pickering | Head of B2B Marketing