Could your job be taken over by a Bot in the next 5 years?

It’s always interesting to look back and see what current jobs weren’t even considered 5 years ago (like my Social Media role for example). But what about the roles that will no longer exist in 5 or 10 years?

As companies and individuals always look to evolve; look better, be better, do better, the landscape of all industries is constantly changing.

One service that will always remain in some form is customer service. Almost gone are the days where you would write a letter of complaint and a lot of us now get further by Tweeting our discontent than yelling it over the phone.


But what’s next?
Customer service will become increasingly automated. Or really, it already has.

We already hear robotic voices ask which department we want to speak to on the phone. Facebook Messenger already has a Bot store. Amazon Web Services, Infosys, Y Combinator and others have committed $1 billion to OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research company with some of the best minds in the world dedicated to advances in AI.

But with Instant Messaging becoming more and more popular, one day your enquiry could be dealt with straight away by a Bot. A Bot could collect all the essential information needed more promptly and securely. Then, imagine a Siri-type personal assistant that you can speak to instantly, whenever and wherever you want to!

Here is Social Bakers founder and chairman, Jan Rezab’s prediction on Slideshare:


For a lot of people a lack of human contact is an uncomfortable thought. There’s still a need for a human voice, a voice that you can align with the company and someone to go to for reassurance (or a bit of a moan, us Brits love to moan).

But ultimately, it’s a tradeoff between comfort and a sense of security vs. efficiency and convenience. When you have companies like GiffGaff largely cutting out the middle man with forums and no telephone customer service, you can see how easily we can adapt. It’s only a matter of time before efficiency and convenience win. And maybe in 10 years we’ll all be customising our own AI personal assistants, so that they replace that familiar voice or name on the other end of the phone.

Ultimately, the automation of customer service, introduction of bots and artificial intelligence, means that the people in customer service we often take for granted may not always be there to deal with our enquiries. This may be left to an automated personal assistant instead.

Shanara Hibbert | Social Media Executive | 12th July 2016