In the age of the customer, you will only be successful if you become customer-obsessed, so you must plan to go “to customer,” not “to market.” This requires your company to base its planning cycle on the needs and preferences of its customers.

Source: Forrester Research

To truly implement this strategy I have created a 4E methodology of Engage, Enrich, Execute and Evaluate. The four stages of the framework allow the team at Graymatter to understand the customer journey at each stage of the process and evaluate success and failures. In-turn this delivers insights to continuously improve the customer journey and user experience through a multi-channeled strategic implementation.

Our customer centric approach has driven conversion rates up considerably for our clients, enhanced personas and delivered best practice having a direct impact on future campaigns aligned to customer and prospect understanding. The illustration below gives a straw-man view of our framework.

4E Framework

Take out.
Ensure your personas are informed by data and research and your strategy is truly aligned to your ‘go to’ customer strategy.