What would you do if someone told you to stop selling? Sounds strange doesn’t it? In fact it sounds completely bonkers!  Especially when this seems to be all that everyone is focusing on right now.

The problem is that in today's market, "turning up the volume" on your sales effort has the same effect as shouting in English at someone who speaks another language in the rather desperate hope that a louder message might stand some chance of being received and understood.

Sadly, of course, it doesn't and it simple annoys people. It also means you join everyone else who's doing the same thing and achieving the same result.

In our personal lives, very few of us would welcome companies trying to sell us insurance or double glazing, whether that be by post, door-to-door or over the phone. Many of us find some of the sales processes and techniques used aggressive and painful. Our impression of companies who do take this approach with us is usually less than favourable and we tend to place our business very deliberately elsewhere.

So why is it right to do this in our own businesses? First thing on a Monday morning, we expect our own sales team to be doing just that…SELL SELL SELL. But if we don't like that, then it begs the question - what can we do as an alternative?

Last year a group of C level exec's were asked how they prefer to be approached, and how they like to be dealt with. It will come as no real surprise to know that the senior executives you're probably trying to reach feel exactly the same way as you do about being sold to.

At Graymatter, we’re investing time in building tools to help you ‘not’ sell, so give us a call and we'll tell you a bit more about how these tools will net you far greater returns - and give your sales people the power to get to the opportunities faster.