It seems to me that the last year might just have made us all just that little bit more cynical. Bankers acting like bankers, governments bailing them out – to then carry on acting as bankers – and poor old you and me, the average everyday jo and joannes left picking up the pieces. This isn’t just another rant to add to the chorus of global rants – I have a relevant point to make.

Maybe we have all wised up, had things pulled sharply into focus – maybe we are concentrating on the basics. I’ve noticed a distinct trend in clients willing to be decidedly different, brave and bold in their approach this last few months.

Getting back to the nub of it, selling the proposition, concentrating on the main selling point (I refuse to use the USP acronym). And saying it how it is, being more direct, brave, honest and genuine. Not patronising our customers or colleagues.

Case in point. Vauxhall. We’ve just worked up a beautifully simple campaign with all the above in mind. See what you think…