FaceBook Mall

After browsing many articles I stumbled across this, the Payvment Shopping Mall. Only in the US at the moment, but it's only a matter of time before our retailers start to appear in shopping malls in the FB envronment. For me the shopping experience enters a new dimension of personalised shopping.

The Mall shows you what you and your friends are “liking”. A “Your Cart” feature holds on to your saved items in a universal basket and updates pricing and inventory information. Facebook users can also comment on any item and post comments to their News feed.

Payvment’s quick growth on Facebook is impressive. The idea of a virtual shopping mall on Facebook certainly makes sense considering how the social network is evolving as a destination for e-commerce. Of course, Facebook, which is reportedly ramping up e-commerce initiatives in 2011, could open its own shopping mall, and use Facebook Credits as a form of currency. Now that's interesting!

Features of the Shopping Mall include:

The ability of users to “like” different products in addition to a retailer’s fan page.
Retailers have their own searchable page within the Shopping Mall on Facebook, where shoppers can sort products by price, and most liked item.
Personalised recommendations based on what a user already likes.
A dashboard for sharing “likes” and seeing what others are “liking.”
The ability to comment on any item in a retailer’s store and post it to the News Feed.