I must admit that over the last few days I was one of the many men wondering why a large collection of women on my Facebook news feed had statuses which referenced various colours. After finding out is a method to create awareness for Breast Cancer I was really impressed by the whole idea.

The basic idea was a Facebook message was sent to various women and with a request to pass the message on to fellow female friends in a chain mail style. This alone is nothing more than e-mail spam we receive everyday however the message also had a social media spin to it, firstly woman were encouraged to write the colour of their bra as a Facebook status and only the colour, which tied into the second part which was keep the idea secret from men.

It's not that it's a massive life changing idea, but it is a clever way to get people involved with a campaign. It used social devices such as getting people involved with something and that something being a worthwhile charity and using the old battle of the sexes to help keep the idea alive. Combining that with social media where the idea can be adapted so quickly and people can disclose in real time what they are wearing right that second again showed the potential of social media.

It has yet been disclosed where the idea started from and if it had anything to do with people at the charity however it would be interesting to see statistics if web site traffic or donations increased this week for Breast Cancer causes.  Sadly I imagine all we will see is a few months of 'me-too' style statuses for every brand under the sun.