Instagram Stories: Instagram has got a personality!

Instagram has got a personality! You’ve heard of Snapchat, you’ve got an Instagram account, but now there are Instagram Stories…

After 24 hours of being up in arms about the recent Instagram update, I think I’m hooked! Are you joining in with the latest Social Media hype? A lot of people are saying this new update signals the end of Snapchat’s growth, so here’s a quick look at where Snapchat has brought value to the world of Social Media!

Snapchat has its place online. It gives you the chance to share private snaps with friends or share a story with your followers, the lazy vloggers guide to vlogging! Then there are the infamous Snapchat filters, that make you look like a small creature with ears and a tongue or, beautifying flower crown.. you really do notice how much the filters can balance out your features when you turn them off…

We’ve all looked at Snapchat and had our 5 minutes of fun; we may even follow a few bloggers for exclusive #SnapFam updates. But does Snapchat really have the same market potential that Instagram already has nailed?

Instagram Stories allows you to build up multiple photos and videos throughout the day, sharing content with your following but not oversharing on your timeline. Stories will disappear after 24 hours and nothing appears in your profile, remind you of anything? Instagram have cleverly placed Stories at the top of your Instagram timeline – so that it’s the first thing you see when you open the app. Even when you are searching for someone’s profile, Insta-coloured circle of lights buzzing around their profile picture to highlight when they have a story you haven’t watched yet.

And boy, once you’ve started watching, it’s addictive! After just a few hours of being launched, the hundreds of Instagram users, bloggers, friends and brands alike had started using the new feature. Suddenly all of the faces I’d known for so long each had a personality… I knew what their voice sounded like, what their dog had for breakfast and what time they went to bed. With all of this new information I found myself overloaded, trying to process who these people were and did I really know them like I thought I did?

With so many Social Media platforms out there, we are already selective as to which we check first, without knowing it I always look at Facebook before I’d hit Instagram or Twitter. Combining the Instagram we are used to with live stories has just taken Instagram to a new level. A total game changer for bloggers and brands! A multi-functional platform where you can surf at your own leisure or take a dip in a few video stories every now and then. Sorry Snapchat, but it makes so much sense to keep it all on one platform.

Is this what Bebo felt like when Facebook came to join the party? Or is it just another step into the blurred lines of reality and online presence. Will Instagram show true personalities; will it stop us feeling the need to filter content? Will I ever to look at people’s feeds?

All that’s’ missing is those oh so perfect filters. Come on Instagram, we’re ready for you, what’s next!?

Emma Lewis | Social Media Manager | 5th August 2016