In a recent article by Tamara Littleton, CEO of eModeration, she looked at the success of campaigns that included user-generated content. Interestingly, those campaigns which asked users to upload videos have far fewer entries than those using just images or text.

Her article also drew attention to the fact that users very rarely read the full terms and conditions for posting and sadly this often results in rejected posts. If you offer people the choice of video, text or images, video will get the lowest number of entries and this is more often than not due to the amount of effort required by users to prepare a posting.

According to Littleton, ten is the magic number. As a rule of thumb:

So how do you keep your campaigns simple? Here are a few considerations:

Finally, we’d love to hear your experiences of including user-generated content in your social media campaigns. And we would, of course, be delighted to tell you more about how we can help bring innovation to your digital programmes.