It's always nice when you feel like you're helping someone out, especially in the business arena where it can feel like everyone is out to get everything they can out of your wallet.

Gazzang are a small company located in the US of A who have some rather interesting and creative products in the field of data security and PCI (among other standards) compliance. Really good stuff, if you're a techy. If you're not - they make the IT people very, very happy and don't charge crazy prices for the privilege.

As well as being creative genius, techy wizards and brilliant strategists, a few of us are also a little obsessed with security. Call it paranoia, call it risk-reduction - but either way it can't hurt. This is where Gazzang have come in. We're not actually doing any work for these guys, in their eyes we are just another consumer. However, the solution and customer service that we've received to date really does deserve some recognition. Well done Gazzang, we love you.

If you want any details on Gazzang, head over to their website. And as usual, if you want a super-dooper, brilliantly thought-out, awesomely designed website (or anything else!) just contact us.