A lesson in grammar and typography, as defined by Design Week.

We love being featured in Design Week, all agencies do. It’s nice featuring alongside your peers for critical comparison and receiving the metaphorical pat on the back for work well done. We’ve had quite a lot of press coverage recently, which is all fab, and I know how the game works. You provide a story, they pull out the sticky nugget they are interested in, wrap it in flour and dip it in deep fried journalistic goo. I was fascinated to see another article just recently, in a local paper that had me quoting things I can’t ever remember saying. I’m not complaining, I sounded very intelligent – anyone who knows me would immediately guess a PR pro had to step in on my behalf.

Design Weeks odd refusal to spell our name correctly is extra-strange though. Apparently it is editorial house style to break up words into their different bits. So Graymatter became Gray Matter – and no they won’t change it, even if it is our name.

We still love you Design Week. We forgive you.