Using technology to drive citizen innovation in Milton Keynes.
What a success story...

All too often Smart City projects focus solely on technological solutions. Our MK is different - it empowers citizens to drive positive change and puts the community at the heart of sustainability and growth.

In partnership with the Open University and Community Action MK, Graymatter designed and built a citizen innovation platform that encourages and empowers individuals and groups to share and collaborate on ideas and projects that would directly address some of the challenges MK has around health, education, transport, energy and water usage.

Having lived and worked in MK for over 20 years, it is immensely fulfilling to tap into the spirit of MK to drive citizen innovation. As well as delivering the platform, we've been actively involved in mentoring individuals and organisations through the submission process - supporting great ideas that have matured into community projects, businesses and initiatives that will positively impact how we live, work and interact with our environment.

At Graymatter, we pride ourselves on design effectiveness and it doesn't get much better than having the satisfaction of seeing such a great initiative flourish. It’s an idea that's definitely worth sharing and I'd be happy to knowledge share with anyone considering a similar initiative.

Dean Gray | CEO and Founder | Published 15th August 2016