adam 2

Launched on September 27th at the Paris Motor Show and available to order from the end of October, the personality-driven ADAM takes Vauxhall into a whole new area of the market: the high-impact, fashion-led, individualistic segment.

In doing so, it will attract a new, lifestyle oriented target group, helping to shape the Vauxhall brand perception in a much more youthful and trendy direction. Following the launch of the revolutionary Ampera and the all-action Mokka, this modern, iconic model continues the ‘Forward Thinking’ philosophy that positions Vauxhall as the progressive and creative manufacturer that is setting the standards within the car industry.

With deliveries set to begin in January 2013, the new car is already attracting enthusiastic attention from the nation’s motoring press. As Auto Express put it in an early preview article, ADAM is “the company’s most exciting new model in years. (It) can more than hold its own in this style-driven end of the market”.

As we’ve seen, ADAM is a design-oriented mini-car with highly individual styling cues, inside and out, that will be considered a lifestyle statement by key audiences. Equipped with high-value, customer-centric features, its cool, contemporary style and potential for high levels of personalisation give it a unique position in the marketplace.

Graymatter’s brief was to reflect the ADAM personality within the price and spec guide. These guides traditionally contain pages of technical and tabular pricing data and are primarily designed for legibility and printability. Being delivered only in electronic PDF format, the price/spec guides need to take into account ease of use, for both Vauxhall Retailers and Customers alike. However, the brief for ADAM was different, as the car is different, and takes Vauxhall into a whole new market sector.  The challenge was to take ‘boring’ tables and make them work in a stylish and exciting format, using the European creative, established for the Range Highlights Brochure. Our creative execution received high praise indeed from a senior Vauxhall Marketing executive: "Excellent work, this looks really good!" - Peter Hope. Suffice to say the job was delivered on time for the Paris Show launch and within budget!