Same story. New chapter.

We’ve rebranded!

Or to put it more accurately, we’ve overhauled our identity to better reflect our brand – which hasn’t actually changed one bit. Underneath we’re still graymatter, and we’re still a B2B Marketing Agency.

That means we remain dedicated to value creation – driving sustainability and growth through creativity, strategy, measurement and innovation. We still specialise in brand, digital, data and marketing. And we’ve yet to find a compelling reason to be anything other than committed, collaborative, innovative, progressive and genuine.

So if the proposition and values haven’t changed... why change?

Because we’ve grown and matured, but our identity didn’t reflect this.

It didn’t resonate in the European markets we operate in, the global brands we work with, or stack up against the calibre of agency we work alongside. And it limited us in how and what we wanted to communicate. Most importantly, it didn’t allow us to articulate a core principle that underpins everything we do.


In short, we were being very ‘me too’ in communicating who we are, rather than celebrating the award-winning, market-leading, centre-of-excellence we are recognised as.

Simplicity of thinking

The distillation of complex problems to find the most appropriate and elegant solution.

It’s at the very core of what we do, and the heart of our new brand identity.

And honestly? It’s probably the most liberating approach you can take because simplicity forces a focus on what’s really important. When we applied this thinking to ourselves it allowed us to be necessarily ruthless, creating a simple, distinctive, meaningful identity that encapsulated ‘us’.

Want to know more?

We still enjoy a good conversation, that never changed.

We’re passionate about branding and how it can transform organisations from the inside out – helping drive both business growth and cultural change. If it’s time for you to be bold, instigate change, or there’s a desire for differentiation then simply get in touch. We’re happy to talk.

Dean Gray | Managing Director 

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