So, how do you develop a winning B2B marketing campaign?

Hot on the heels of the team picking up a global DRUM B2B Brave Award for ‘Best Demand Generation Campaign’, at the Edison Ballroom in New York earlier this month, the Advanced FairITales campaign has been chosen as one of only five finalists for the DMA ‘Best B2B’ award.

Senior Account Manager, Hiren Chauhan, gives us his take on what’s needed for a B2B campaign to receive what is now its fourth award nomination.

Find a hook that creates intrigue and turns ‘the norm’ on its head.

The FairITale campaign was very much a ‘daring’ step in terms of B2B marketing, and particularly in the technology sector. We were challenged by the client team to create a stand out, market-challenging campaign that would grab the attention of prospects.

The main differentiator that gave this theme stand out was the fact that Advanced was brave enough to allow us move away from generic ‘IT Software’ imagery and messaging, and turn it completely on its head. Using an approach that has never been seen before in this sector, telling ‘fairy tale’ stories and making them relevant to the B2B technology space, rather than directly looking to sell a solution.

FairITales positioned Advanced as a solution provider who had listened to what customers / prospects were saying, and addressed this in a very creative way. The positivity that emanated from the theme following campaign launches and events was clear to see. It was a mix between intrigue and interest about what was on offer.

Use ‘continuous improvement’ to make each campaign wave even more successful.

Advanced shared the performance of each wave of the campaign with us to enable us to work on improving the next to gain more conversions. This involved us looking into which channels were gaining the most form submissions, understanding what assets where being interacted with the most and what messaging was resonating with the prospects.

Using the ‘continuous improvement’ method, we learned from the previous campaigns and ensured that successful elements were taken forward. Examples of which being less calls to actions per wave, short-sharp messaging that told the story with a direct focus to contact Advanced, and a staggered approach per wave, lending itself to the storytelling theme, of drip feeding content from Advanced.

The results of using this methodology were evident through the pipeline of leads generated from the subsequent campaigns. And they speak for themselves, with FairITales becoming the most successful campaign that Advanced has launched…

It goes to show that being bold to stand out can bring its rewards!

Hiren Chauhan | Senior Account Manager | October 2017

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