Hotels are where we allow our expectations to rise to the brand and or the occasion so we are far more likely to engage with technology or embrace it to enhance your experience. So as you may expect iBeacons are being tested by hotels and restaurants all over the world. A quick summary:

Marriott Hotels and resorts are piloting in 14 locations offering “local perks” to guests which include offers of complimentary drinks when you apps the bar, a discounted SPA voucher as you relax by the pool as well as restaurant offers results have been better than they expected.

The Mook Group (high end restaurants in Germany) are tracking customer time spent, food ordered and they can climb from “Guest” to “Addicted Connoisseur” and receive rewards like fast track entrance and complimentary welcome drink and importantly welcomed by name.

So the ROI for Hotels?

iBeacons are here to stay as is our attachment to smart phones and the coming wave of wearables so there is first mover advantage to be had but which hotel group will do the land grab?