The truth about why Marketing Automation works!

Based on my experience with marketing automation over the last 7 years or so, I’ve found that it helps to improve campaign conversion, boost creativity and deliver smart marketing insights.

Below are 4 key reasons why you should use automation for your business!

1. Automation reduces manual effort in your marketing

Marketing automation makes things easier for you by removing repetition and streamlining your activities. This means that you can work more efficiently. Messages can also be tailored to different groups and individuals to encourage more engagement.

2. Interactions with customers can be personalised

Interactions with your buyers can be made more relevant, personalised and delivered at a time that is most convenient for them. Marketing automation preference centres allow customers and prospects to be in control - They can select the content most relevant to them. For example, with automation, a car manufacturer can offer a number of communication options to choose from. Including the vehicles themselves, new vehicle launch information, offers, leasing prices, accessories, servicing and so on.

3. You can identify your most engaged customers and prospects

The tracking available from your marketing automation tool will help identify the customers and prospects that are most engaged. Using a lead scoring matrix, you can follow up on sales with the most engaged people while you focus on nurturing the rest of your audience.

4. It can bring in more business

With marketing automation, you can find out what actually works to bring in new business and then focus on doing more of that. Best of all, this is all tracked by your marketing automation tool!


Dave Pickering | Head of B2B Marketing