From March 1st, the Advertising Standards Authority becomes “the big bad” online as well as offline with an extended remit that covers any UK-run website. I’m not going to get into the “It’s about time argument” or the “We’ve been in the digital age for exactly how long?” rant but you can probably guess my stance based on this sentence alone.

So why are we “Shakin’ in our boots”? Well, we aren’t. See what I did there?

What does this mean for our clients? Not much really. We already have a crack team of proof readers, but we’ll probably be putting most websites through the CAP service, just to be doubly sure that everything is tickety-boo.

Those of you who have your digital work with another agency – you probably want to make sure that they are aware of these new regulations, as being on the ASA’s bad side is never fun. Or just give your work to the cheeky scamps at Graymatter, ’cause those guys are on the ball.

For more information, go to the CAP website.

Good luck!