Earlier this week I took a brief jaunt over to Berlin for a little -7°C futime, it was marvellous yadda yadda yadda - I shan't bore you with my holiday snaps or "stories".

While I was there, fumbling my way around all the tourist hotspots, I saw a plethora of posters from WW2. It got me thinking about how much advertising has moved on since the war (or even when I was a child - all those 4 years ago).

Obviously the subject matter has moved on significantly, but it's still quite nice to look back and see the style of things back in those days. It really got me thinking about my favourite childhood ad campaigns... of all those racing through my mind, I narrowed it down to a single piece of joy. It is with great pleasure, that I present to you a phenomenal use of sex appeal by Cadbury.