Is email dead?

No. It’s certainly alive and well and getting better (well some are). Think about the emails you’ve loved and hated recently. The bad ones use the wrong name, do not work on your device, or have too much detail. The good ones are well-presented, straight to the point and perfectly aligned to your zone of interest.

I always think Netflix does this well. Their emails are well timed, based on what you’ve watched before and a great way to introduce a film that may well be of interest. The emails are also optimised for the device it’s viewed on.

Selling in the B2B space can be a little more challenging, but with the right Marketing Automation campaign and messaging strategy, success can be easier than you think.

Lots of people have a view about the best approach, but I recommend the following:

  1. For higher email open and click rates try sending emails in the morning
  2. Have either 1 or 3 call to actions in an email to achieve the best campaign performance
  3. If promoting content from an email, try not to use a landing page and send people directly to the asset. You might be as surprised as we are at the results

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Dave Pickering | Head of B2B Marketing | Published 12th September 2016