Its been almost a month now since Facebook launched its new Facebook Deals service, an extension to the Facebook Places.  For those who have not yet discovered the service, it's a location-based marketing service which allows you to see retailers in your locality who are offering deals.  This is one of a number of new initiatives as the location-based marketing craze intensifies.  With Facebook pages for big brands now getting more hits than their own websites, it is clear that the Facebook market is a one that is highly appealing to marketers around the globe.

UK Facebook users can check-in to local businesses and earn discounts from high street names including Debenhams and Starbucks.  Participating is simple for users and retailers can use Facebook Deals as a virtual loyalty card or coupon system too!  This is a free service to all concerned, so it begs the question about whether or not this is the end for online voucher code services available through the likes of Groupon, and moneysupermarket.com.  I guess it will very much depend on the uptake from users and retailers alike, so only time will tell.  Watch this space!