5 Myths of Marketing Automation You Need to Stop Believing!

Marketing Automation can be a great move for your business, but there are still some people who don't believe it works. Here are the 5 myths and realities of Marketing Automation!

Myth #1: Marketing automation makes marketers lazy
Reality: Lazy Marketers are lazy!

Saying that marketing automation makes people lazy is like saying people who use a calculator cannot do maths! A calculator helps people to do complex calculations quickly. In the same way, Marketing automation helps clever marketers to automate and streamline marketing activities so that they have more time to do more things. Laziness is not caused by marketing automation, laziness is brought about by lazy marketers.

Myth #2: It is easy to see results with Marketing Automation
Reality: Believe it or not, this is partly true…But it doesn't mean there is no work involved!

It is easy to underestimate the effort needed to bring a marketing automation tool into your approach, but remember to start small, set realistic objectives and regularly review what is working and what is not. You’ll quickly establish what works for your business, customers and prospects. It is at this point that you’ll start to reap the benefits.

Myth #3: Marketing Automation is too expensive for SME businesses
Reality: There are a lot of Marketing Automation tools out there now, so there is something for every budget (whether all tools are fit for purpose is a different question!).

The more established platforms do have a larger budget requirement, but lots of the cloud SaaS services have pay as you go services now. Plus in my opinion, the cost of getting started are more than negated by the benefits.

Myth #4: Using automation removes creativity and is the biggest disaster to hit marketing in recent years

Reality: Automating activity actually does the opposite – it allows you to develop cleverer campaigns that have messages targeted to each audience.

You can focus on creating great content and bespoke messages that your audience are more receptive to. The marketing automation tool makes the process dynamic and the distribution simpler and more effective. This means you can spend more time on planning and being creative than on execution and campaign management.

Myth #5: Automation systems are impersonal and spammy
Reality: If you’re approaching Automation properly, then you won’t be blasting your audience with random messages that are not of interest.

Instead, you’ll be using automation to nurture your customers and prospects, bringing them relevant information they want to consume at a time that is most appropriate.

Email isn’t the only thing that marketing automation can be used for. It has much wider benefits:

  1. On your website to track user activity
  2. To help discover information about unknown users and profile them over time
  3. Using web forms to gather customer data and pre-fill forms for known users
  4. On social media to support social selling
  5. In event marketing
  6. To help you understand your audience behaviours online.

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Dave Pickering | Head of B2B Marketing | Published 30th August 2016