Helping fleet providers to EVolve
with VWFS | Fleet


First prospect to MQL achieved just 90 minutes after launch.


Increase in average engagement.


Increase in total audience size on LinkedIn within four weeks.


Electric vehicles are a hot topic in the fleet sector at the moment.

In response to both consumer demand and Government legislation (banning all sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2040 with pressure to bring this forward to 2030), adopting EV is not just imminent, it’s going to be mandatory. And with the introduction of Clean Air Zones (CAZs), some fleet providers are finding that an EV strategy is required, not in ten years time, but now if they want to remain in business.

The thing is, there’s a lot of confusion and misperception in the marketplace, with questions being asked about range, infrastructure and concern about cost – and no-one is owning that space.

This provided VWFS | Fleet with a huge opportunity – not only to ‘own’ the fleet EV space, but to be seen as a trusted source and advisor for all things related to electric vehicles by having first mover advantage.

EVolve with VWFS | Fleet

So how do you build trust and credibility with fleet providers in such a brave new space? You do your research, check the facts, create relevant tools and build a destination, a hub, where all this information is contained. In short, you give the audience what they’re looking for. This not only informs the audience, it de-risks it for them.

Then you promote your offer, advising your audience to come with you on the journey, to EVolve with VWFS | Fleet.

As appropriate as the term ‘EVolve’ was, it was a hard thing to visually articulate because it describes the process of change, of one thing becoming another.

So with an idea, a strong visual approach and a storyboard, we tasked Imaginar with showing this transformation from a petrol driven past, to a lighter, brighter, cleaner EV future, whilst we carried on with creating, what turned out to be, a substantial amount of compelling, evidential and useful content.


So, has the campaign delivered against expectations?

Well, given that (at the time of writing) we’re barely three weeks post launch it’s a little early to tell. However, achieving a prospect to MQL conversion within 90 minutes of launch provided a reason to be quite optimistic about what the campaign will go on to achieve.

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