Intent based lead generation

Do you ever wish you could know who is interested in your services, or which organisations are engaging with your competitors? How about intercepting your competitors' prospects and filling your funnel with these relevant targets? What if we could completely automate this process of finding and providing you these targets?

Graymatter have developed Lead Intelligence, an innovative solution which combines data-driven lead generation and intelligent lead conversion. With Lead Intelligence, your sales team will be empowered with actionable insight on prospective buyers.

How do we do this?

Strategic Social Listening

  • Target the right companies - Lead Intelligence monitors and analyses engagement with content across the public web to deliver prospects based on intent signals
  • Competitive intelligence - Intercept your competitors' prospects and fill your top-of-funnel with qualified leads and relevant targets - not random contacts
  • Personalised outreach - Build a personalised outreach program tailored to the content that prospects engage with most
  • Listen - Monitor public mentions of competitor/industry content aligned to parameters you define, removing noise and providing genuine opportunities
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to filter the noise and map the user who triggered the engagement to their corporate identity

Time is best spent nurturing leads, not finding them. Lead Intelligence is a turnkey solution, sourcing data from across the open web and providing the intelligence you need to determine which accounts to target. Our platform can be integrated directly into Marketing Automation and CRM platforms such as Pardot and Salesforce.

The benefits include:

  • Supporting ABM strategies by identifying other individuals at the company who fit the buyer personas
  • Moving beyond targeting of static profile elements like job title or company size, we can show you who is engaging with content that is relevant
  • Integration in to your Marketing Automation or CRM platforms
  • Reduced administration = reduced time = low operating costs
  • Removes the manual process of finding lead details - Uses AI to filter the leads and automate the lookup of company information to support each lead
  • Removes the heavy lifting of administration and manual filtering and drives efficiency in the process
  • Lead opportunities delivered directly to your inbox

"The average Lead Intelligence customer gets 200 prospects each week that have signalled an interest/intent in what you are listening for."

What’s the process?

To enable a successful campaign, we work through a simple process with a continuous improvement strategy to support our efforts. The simple 5 step process is as follows:

  1. Build buyer persona
  2. Construct listening parameters - terms, topics, conversation types, events, companies, key industries, business size, competitor list etc.
  3. Build final query
  4. Let Lead Intelligence do the rest – deliver the opportunities
  5. Review and refine through continuous improvement

About Lead Intelligence

Lead Intelligence uses Natural Language Processing to pick up on signals of interest. Once a signal is detected - we use Artificial Intelligence to map the user who triggered the engagement to their Corporate identity.

For example, @Jim123 engaged with a competitor’s blog on a social channel – Lead Intelligence analyses their biography, historical activity, etc. to feed it into a Machine Learning algorithm which then maps him to Jim Smith, Finance Director of Acme Ltd. If Jim is not the right connection, against our defined buyer personas, we find the individual that is the best match in the organisation.

Types of queries

We crawl the open web and pull on information available on public social media accounts to find signals of engagement. Our algorithm is able to decipher the engagement and flag signals of intent.

Through these data crawls we can measure over 50 different triggers when crawling the web for leads. These include, but are not limited to, leads engaging with your competitor’s content, industry news and sharing articles about a keyword that is flagged. We track all of these signals so that the leads provided are fresh, not based on historic content.

Lead Intelligence – social marketing done well.

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