Engagement: The true art of Social Media

From engaging 7 million people in a unique award-winning game and changing the face of blogging, to reaching 66,997 people and receiving 3,218 comments and 5,158 photo views in a single ‘Blue Monday’ competition post – at Graymatter, we understand the true art of social media.

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Reaching 7 million people in a unique award-winning game.


1 Facebook post, 67k reach, 3.2k comments, 5.2k photo views.


0 to 11.6k Instagram followers in 18-months.


1 blogger game, 142 social media posts, 3,711,032 reach 9,776 engagement.

Our Accor Hotels social media clients:

Mercure UK

Our social media team grew 172 Mercure Facebook followers to 62k in 19-months.

Whilst strategy, rigour and insight undoubtedly played a part in this success, we also had some serious fun (and results) with award winning initiatives like the blogger games.

"The blogger game was really innovative. It complemented the campaign and Mercure brand"

Guillame Dancer | Marketing Director | Mercure

"I was honoured to be invited to test my social media skills and followers."

Laura Hyatt | Winning blogger

Innovation that reaches7 million people.


‘Best Blog’ in the DRUM Social Buzz Awards.


Winning blogger, Laura Hyatt, reaches 871k people.

Ibis UK

How fast do you want to grow your social media presence?

We helped Ibis UK accelerate their social media – taking Instagram followers from 0 to 11.6k in just 19 months, and growing Facebook from 29k to 99.3k. Key to these results was the production of diverse, and often humorous tactical content, ranging from Chihuahuas with delusions of grandeur, to Star Wars themed stings to promote the all new Sweet Bed™ from Ibis.


1 video on Facebook, 72k reach, 27.2k video views, 76.59 engagement rate.


Number of Ibis UK page likes.


Chimi at Ibis top post, 58k reach, 4,311 post interactions, 89.2 engagement rate.

Novotel UK

A heroic result from a Superheroes themed event.

To encourage families into Novotel we created a one day Superheros event hosted at Novotel’s across the country. It was so popular it’s now become an annual event, and is frequently oversubscribed. Key to its success was the pre, post, and ongoing use of social media, a factor that helped grow their Facebook following from 5,567 to more than 57.5k followers.


1 Superheroes Day video,
516.3k campaign reach.


Number of Novotel UK page likes.


Spot the difference competition
138k reach, 17.9k photo views,

Novotel UK

Food for thought.

Our team grew the first Jamboree Foodfest and Bar venue following from 0 to 17,096 in 8 months (14k in first 4 months).

"Graymatter helped us tailor an integrated social media strategy from the beginning, and achieve more than 14k fans on Facebook and 2k on Instagram within 6 months to sustain the launch of our new brand."

Romain Rossett | Digital Marketing | Accor Hotels

2,076 Instagram followers.


1 pre-launch and launch blogger game.
3.67m reach.


#HumpDay: 62.8k total reach,
2.8k likes, 1.3k post clicks,
173.2 engagement rate.

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The secret to social media...

... is, well, being social!

There are agencies that will beguile you with the promise of thousands of followers to your social media accounts. At Graymatter, consumer brands like Mercure, Ibis, Novotel and Jamboree not only expect our experienced social media team to build their audiences, these clients trust us to engage them, or, in essence, be ‘social’ with them.

Real-time action, no need to wait for media deadlines

Being social with consumer audiences is made simple by the fact that interaction is in real-time. When we suggested an innovative promotional game to our midscale hotel client, Mercure UK, we knew we could capitalise on our relationships with credible bloggers, combined with their own social media relationships, and not have to resort to the standard ‘drinks reception’ PR event.

Strategic support through to delivery – driving Value Creation

The unique game not only promoted Mercure’s Facebook video competition, it raised the profile of their UK, global and parent brands, put them front of mind with the blogging elite, smashed their 500k reach target and grew the brand’s digital footprint with their millennial target audience.

As well as reaching 7 million people, it won ‘Best Blog’ at The Drum Social Buzz Awards.

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