Customer focus: the secret of campaign success

The secret ingredient in any successful campaign is to understand your target audience before you start. Advanced’s customer research highlighted they are implicitly trusted to provide ‘right-first-time’ solutions – not fairy tales.

This insight drove our award-nominated FairITales campaign, and enabled us to recommend the right mix of channels and automation to generate a significant return on investment.

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Campaign ROI across all waves of FairITale activity.


ROI just for the Christmas Carol wave of activity.


Email CTOR – improvement over sector average.


Email OR – improvement over sector average.

“Is your solution more Bah, Humbug than ho ho ho?”

The right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

A challenge for any marketer over the busy Christmas period is getting your message to the right people at the right time. To solve this problem for Advanced, we took a different approach for the December wave of the FairITales campaign, delivering the message as a four-part story aligned to the Christmas classic A Christmas Carol, featuring a grumpily lovable Scrooge, the background to his sour demeanour being the inappropriate solutions sold to him, before Advanced rescued the day.

This created a story which people could enter and engage with at any point over the four-week duration of the campaign.

Having mapped out the journey, seeded social content, placed the digital banners and delivered the eDMs, the Marketo platform ensured that destination landing pages were populated with the right personalised content - triggered by click through.

“Ever seen the ghost of lost opportunity?”

Case studies (past), trend insights and video (present) and future reports (future) confirmed the benefits of engaging with Advanced, and rewarded the audience with valuable content throughout the entire journey.

To help the client’s digital team optimise their system, we set up auto-responders based on page interaction, assigning a lead contact, and recorded all behavioural activity such as form-fills and downloads. This also provided the sales team with valuable insights to help them better target leads.

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What Advanced said about FairITales:

"In just a few weeks this campaign has generated a substantial sales pipeline, meaning a positive start to the New Year with some exciting new opportunities."

Clare Frost | Director of Field Marketing | Advanced

"Following our major rebrand, we took a fresh and innovative marketing approach that stands out from the myriad of business communications that our customers and prospects receive each day."

Sally Scott | Chief Marketing Officer | Advanced

"This is a milestone campaign in the tale of our business transformation. Our customers and prospects found it both humorous and engaging and we’ve not only seen a rise in brand awareness and perception, but we’ve strengthened our sales pipeline too."

Clare Frost | Director of Field Marketing | Advanced

Targeting: the secret to campaign success

An automated marketing approach is, by its very nature, more targeted.

This helps to develop a relationship with your contacts at the top of the funnel. It also means your team can focus on driving more conversions at the bottom, safe in the knowledge you’re delivering the right message, in the right way, and, at the right time – at every stage.

The result? Your clients are left feeling valued; while you see the value in your pipeline.

Knowing which platform is going to serve you best

Our marketing automation team has experience across a wide range of platforms, such as Marketo, Eloqua and Pardot. That means we’re in a position to provide first hand advice on the right system for your business. This advice will turn into as much or as little support as you need to embed automation into your marketing approach.

Strategic support through to delivery – driving Value Creation

With Advanced, we were fortunate enough to lead on their new brand strategy, narrative and visual ID, which underpinned the FairITales campaign. In addition, we used our creative, MA and content marketing expertise to deliver their content strategy in a way that achieved optimum engagement.

Providing an end-to-end service allowed Advanced’s business objectives to flow through our work, resulting in a substantial sales pipeline, an impressive ROI, and evidentially based award nominations.

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