Of B2B marketers say lead generation is the most important organisational goal.

Content Marketing Institute


Of people feel that marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than in the previous 50.



Of organisations say data-driven marketing is their top strategic priority.



Measuring revenue impact from marketing spend is the toughest challenge for B2B marketers.


Marketing services that delight.

Delighting our clients’ audiences — whether business or consumer, mainstream or niche — is, quite simply, what gets us hot under the collar here at Graymatter.

We relish telling our customers’ stories through highly creative marketing campaigns – born out of a clear grasp of their targets, a poignant concept, and supported by the most powerful mix of marketing services.

That’s why marketing is one of the four cornerstones of our integrated agency, and it has won us a vast array of awards. It’s also why we work with UK and international brands to develop marketing that excites, at every opportunity.

Getting the mix just right.

The marketing mix gets more complex by the minute, but the opportunity to hone your marketing plans in line with the behaviours and preferences of the individuals and cohorts you are targeting, is truly exciting.

Whether you need marketing strategies, to broadcast your proposition to the masses or to target an individual on the other side of the world, our marketing services team will take your product, service or brand to market using the most effective platforms and channels, ensuring your message is delivered in a way that can’t be ignored.

Our team has vast experience of working both agency and client-side, so we are ideally placed to understand what’s needed — starting from a blank sheet of paper or working closely with your other agencies — to create the perfect blend of marketing for you.

A specialist marketing agency.

To augment our specialist marketing services, we also have an in-depth understanding of specific markets which enables us to add significant value based on our successes — delivering market insight and customer profiling, gleaned over many years of working with market leading brands.

If you don’t know who or where your customers are, we can help there too. We have all the capabilities, skills and experience to maximise the return on your marketing agency and activity investment.

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AI powered conversion rate optimisation.

Simultaneously test dozens of individual optimisations by combining your team's creativity with high-level AI to refine entire journeys in a single experiment, as opposed to multiple individual tests.

Artificial Intelligence learns from every visitor to your website to evolve and optimise funnel performance, whilst real time dashboards allow you to see which ideas are providing the most uplift—and which aren’t

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