Uplift in win-rate when implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey


Increase in sales team productivity as a result of process improvement and automation.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey


More leads converted when you can focus on key prospects, delivering the right messaging and content.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey


Increase in sales revenue by aligning sales and marketing activities.

Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey

To be the best we can be, we use the best innovation and technology. That’s why Salesforce is our CRM of choice.

Not only is it the world’s number one CRM solution, but its depth and scale enable us to deliver marketing, sales and operational transformation that delivers business optimisation, value to your customers and differentiation in the market.

Attributing marketing to sales ROI has been difficult to achieve in the past due to different data sets, processes and systems being impossible to reconcile – but challenging convention and removing barriers is a big part of what we’re all about. Experience tells us that to change your game, you need to work with game-changers – so it was tremendously exciting for Graymatter to futureproof our ambition for CRM  through the acquisition of Salesforce implementation partner Forcology in 2018.

Our Forcology proposition has already secured us national and international projects with far-reaching implications for innovation in sales and marketing alignment. We’re now in a unique position to deliver prospects an unrivalled and personalised brand and marketing experience; deliver business development managers fully qualified leads and fruitful sales opportunities – and deliver customers the products and services that drive retention and loyalty.

Move as fast as the world around you and achieve a new kind of customer success through Forcology.

CRM is all about enabling your business to operate more efficiently, market smarter and drive accelerated sales. How do we do this? By bringing both Salesforce and Marketing Automation together in one unified, powerful solution that empowers you to drive sustainable accelerated growth.

Through listening to your specific operational needs and understanding your business plan we can deliver a solution that will minimise your outlay and maximise your gains. For us, that means working with your core functions and key stakeholders to understand how your business functions operationally, and how processes join up the dots. We then apply our expertise and insight, delivering right-first-time solutions that can be benchmarked against business benefits and key performance indicators that make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

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