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Not for profit means making the most of what you’ve got to further the cause of the greater good. But when ‘what you’ve got’ includes a website that needs to deliver new initiatives, support organisational strategic priorities, and provide a platform where users can sponsor, donate, pray, campaign and share stories, knowing where to start can be daunting.

So you start at the beginning.

Defining the solution meant asking lots of questions beginning with ‘Who, what, where or why?’

This understanding led to a fully responsive content managed site, optimised against specific user journeys, with an embedded continuous improvement strategy, and a much improved user experience.

What all of this meant was an ability to track evidential change for children with real-time updates from blogs, twitter feeds, video updates and WVUK experts. Campaigns generated growth and income with clear messaging, and provided appropriate mechanisms to allow the audience to participate. And the supporter experience was transformed by being richer and more immersive.

In short, it answered who World Vision are, what they do, where they do it, and why.

"We’ve recently redesigned the website with Graymatter, based on insight and user feedback – all linked to our objectives. This is to better serve our audience in their journey with us and drive effectiveness in what we do."

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