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2 DRUM (Business to Business) Marketing awards and a Marketing Society Brave nomination

“Is your fleet giving you nightmares?”

Then talk to VWFS | Fleet for peace of mind and sweet dreams.

Monsters are not what you expect to see in a B2B Marketing Campaign. They're also not what you'd expect to see from one of the UK’s largest vehicle leasing providers. The "Monsters" campaign disrupted the market by focusing on the unexpected. The problem solved, rather than the product or service. Something more typically seen in consumer marketing.

We conducted extensive market research amongst our Fleet target audience to explore their needs and how they make informed purchase decisions. We found a commonly used '4M' framework which focused on Metal, Mileage, Metrics or Money. Poor service was also identified as a common frustration leaving the deal offered as the only point of difference.

The decision-making criteria and commonly held frustrations informed our marketing strategy. We didn’t focus on price or product, which are category norms for ensuring B2B buyers engage with a campaign. Instead, we developed four benefit pillars or Customer Value Propositions: Premium Service, Value, Peace of Mind and Simplicity.

Our creative brief explored the emotional side of decision making. The worries that keep business buyers awake at night. After all, nothing ruins a good night's sleep quite like a nightmare. We created nightmarish monsters for every Fleet Manager concern. From 'Myopic Margin Masticating Minotaurs' to 'Bedroom Bothering BiK Incredible Bulks.

The results were almost as monstrous as the campaign itself. All KPIs were exceeded within surprisingly short timescales.

"As a client, it has been an absolute dream of a campaign to manage and I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved."

Hazel Flanagan | Digital Marketing Specialist | Volkswagen Financial Services (UK).

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