Raising awareness of
reward and recognition


Increase in visitors to the landing page in the first month.


Of visits from first time visitors.


Ongoing increase in level of engagement post launch.


Increase in nominations.

A dealership is not just about the Sales Staff, it’s also about the unsung heroes; the back office staff, the field staff, the cleaners and those who quietly go about their business but make a huge difference.

To communicate that everybody in the business matters and could be rewarded, a five part mailer was produced with unique codes to encourage (and track) nominations.

The nomination categories were substantial. There were rewards for the ‘unsung heroes’, for those who wanted to ‘just to say thank you’, even customer feedback was incorporated with ‘customer kudos’. Were you part of the Bodyshop, Masterfit or Parts? Then there was something for you too. Support team? Ditto.

By the end of the month, high levels of engagement were measured from people not previously involved in the programme, with the new visitor trend continuing (42% pre-launch versus 50% post-launch), and a big jump in nominations to 32%.

"...there’s been an encouraging spike in nominations month on month since the mailer landed, and a substantial increase in visits to Max which is a trend we hope to see continue..."

Johnathan Pidsley | Campaigns & Retailer Incentives Manager | Vauxhall

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