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Manufacturer website for 6 years running.

Disability as a word implies restriction, or an inability to do something. But those who live with, care for, or know people with a disability would likely tell you it’s a nonsensical generic term. Just because you’re less able doesn’t mean you can’t.

That’s why working with Motability is a pleasure as it’s all about providing choice and freedom.

For an audience composed of those with disabilities and the carers who look after them, simply regurgitating the standard retail benefit-du-jour is not going to resonate. So these benefits take a back seat, whilst the more relevant parking sensors, wide and rear-opening doors, flexible storage, and high driving position take priority. All the on-page content is then continually reviewed, and fully optimised contributing to a substantial improvement in organic search results.

Targeted lifestyle adverts, price guides and DM then play their part in raising awareness of, and helping drive traffic to, the website.

It’s an approach that has worked for Vauxhall Motability, with the manufacturer website being voted No.1 for six years running, and a lot of happy and enabled people getting on with enjoying their lives.

"Vauxhall cares about each and every one of its customers and so it’s important to speak to our Motability audience using the correct tonality to strike up a lasting relationship. It is extremely positive for our natural search links, rather than the paid links, to be at the top of a Google page. The fact that users are taken directly to where they need to go to on our site makes it a more efficient experience and customer feedback has shown our site to be more relevant than our competitors’. Our call centre receives less enquiries because our customers can find all the information they need on the website. We are really pleased with the effectiveness of the Vauxhall Motability site and will continue to work with Graymatter to ensure it stays at No 1, and keeps evolving in line with our customers’ needs."

Andy Vincent | Motability Sales and Marketing Manager | Vauxhall

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