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As part of Vauxhall’s ongoing strategy to be seen as innovative and forward thinking, the RoadTrip app was developed to address a fundamental need for Company Car Drivers (CCD’s) – the ability to simply, easily and quickly keep track of business mileage.

RoadTrip is a mobile application delivered across iOS and Android encompassing mobile and tablet executions.

The security of personal data was a key consideration, so the app conformed to PII (Personal Identifiable Information) standards, as well as integrating secure data transmission and capture.

To ensure the displayed information was up-to-date, CAP vehicle data was fully integrated, allowing a complete vehicle look-up across a range of marques.

And the app learned...

...through event driven driver insights, RoadTrip provided intelligent feedback into user behaviour that allowed the user experience to be constantly improved and refined. This information also informed the creation of a feature rich application with the ability to add multiple vehicles, multiple mileage rates, postcode lookup functionality, GPS tracking of journeys, as well as report generation, filtration and export amongst others.

This wealth of functionality helped RoadTrip feature as a Top 10 free business app on the App Store, as well as being recognised as the Best App in the Business Car Techie Awards.

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