When you have a lightbulb moment in business,
great things happen.


In July 2015, Opus Energy broke the dominance of the Big Six.


Independent Energy Supplier of the Year. 2010 – 2014.


For customer service.


Businesses are switching to Opus Energy every week.

Opus Energy are one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK, and in 2015 broke the dominance of the ‘Big Six’ energy suppliers in the business market. Great value and exemplary service delivered results, industry accolades and awards. But what next? How do you continue to drive sustainable growth when you’ve achieved so much success?

Smarter marketing was the answer.

We used our in-depth understanding of the SME market to devise a campaign that resonated with business owners and managers. Commissioned research examined the feelings and attitudes towards energy purchasing and management, and the key findings were used to shed light on current challenges and market perceptions.

This insight was turned into ‘lightbulb moments’ for SMEs – giving them the support, advice and answers that they’d been looking for. After all, that’s what makes Opus Energy so different.

The ‘lightbulb moment’ campaign focused on addressing concerns around clarity of energy consumption and cost, as well as the ease of switching energy provider, and was delivered as a national press and radio campaign, supported with direct marketing using marketing automation and campaign tracking.

Our lightbulb moment happened early – Opus Energy will go from strength to strength.

"The team make a significant effort to understand our business, industry and objectives, which allows them to provide relevant strategic insights and build out thoughtful proposals. Their unified approach to building creative suites which we can use on multiple campaigns and platforms has allowed us to achieve cost-savings and quick-turn without having to sacrifice on quality."

Lynn Morrison | Head of Business Engagement | Opus Energy

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