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Novotel were keen to promote the family friendliness of their hotels, but were unsure about the best way to raise awareness of this and encourage families through the doors.

Step forward ‘Super Heroes Day’; a themed activity day aimed at children (and parents), to come and experience what Novotel could offer, and spend some quality time together.

Promoted on relevant family websites, socially, and internally at hotels, the Novotel ‘Super Heroes Day’ took place nationwide across the chain, with dedicated rooms featuring fun or educational games and activities for children and their parents. Obviously safety was paramount, so attendees had to register on a dedicated landing page and were given a time slot to ensure rooms didn‘t go over capacity.

On arrival it was then up to the children what they wanetd to do. If they were into getting creative with cup cakes then they’d go to the ‘Cookery Conqueror’ zone. More of an artist? Craft Captains. Or for the quieter types who just wanted time reading a story with mum and dad, they could head off to the ‘Chill-out Champions’ area.

Now in its second year, the event is proving to be increasingly popular with families – many of whom attended last year, and especially with the staff who seem more than happy to dress up and be super heroes for the day.

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