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Voluntary groups set up, developed or funded.

Community Action:MK is a non-profit organisation that provides information on all aspects of running a voluntary or community group, offers networking support and partnerships, and offers funding advice.

By necessity a lot of their work is field based, meaning community field workers were losing hours of their day recording engagements on a paper based system. This meant less time with the community, an inability to easily monitor and spot trends, and difficulty proving the impact and effect of their work to support funding streams.

By creating and equipping their field teams with a mobile app, engagements were more effective, accurate, and secure, with better data capture, recording and reporting. All of this data was then shared within the cloud, allowing quick and transparent access for monitoring and trend analysis.

For the field teams better management of engagements meant they were more time efficient and cost-effective, with a small team of 13 able to record over 12,000 engagements per year.

For the directors, the ease of reporting and trend analysis provided insight informing strategic and operational decisions, including plans for on-going and future funding.

And the benefit to the communities they operated in? Last year Community Action:MK helped over 220 voluntary and community groups to either set up, develop or find funding and supported 840 volunteers keen to make a difference in their communities.

"QuickChat has enabled our people to collect dialogue from the citizens of Milton Keynes in a great variety in settings and about a wide range of topics. Its real value lies in enabling CA: MK to change this data into intelligence which we can use ourselves or pass to partners and commissioners to enable them to tailor services and influence policies in an almost real-time perspective. We are happy to have Graymatter as a valued partner and look forward to further collaborations between our organisations."

Robbie Macpherson | Chief Operating Officer | Community Action:MK

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