A timely launch event and food
ordering system for Jamboree


Blogger game reach for pre-launch.


Instagram followers.


Followers (starting from 0), with 14k in the first 4 months.


Engagement rate.

Launch a restaurant? Yes of course, love to.

Launch a restaurant and create a bespoke online food ordering system that not only manages demand in real-time to give the kitchen a chance to prepare the food in a timely fashion, but also updates the customer via text messages when their food will be ready, within tight timescales?

Still love to, but it’s a recipe for some long evenings.

No-one quite knows how many till rolls we went through building and testing the ordering solution, so we’ll settle for ‘quite a lot’. The end result though was a robust ordering platform that fully integrated with existing work flows so staff were not disrupted by it, and the kitchen were not overwhelmed by restaurant and take out orders competing.

With the pre-launch technical aspects sorted, social media launched a month before opening quickly generating 14k followers, with 16 bloggers invited to a pre-opening event to create a buzz around the launch. This achieved 116 bloggers and digital influencers attending the event, with further games on the night.

Going from nowhere on Google to achieving top of page one against similarly named, and longer established venues, was thrilling to watch. There are now more than 16 blogs, multiple reviews and check-ins, 2000 Instagram followers, and last time we looked the reach was approximately 3 million.

Food for thought.

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