Focusing on the benefits of
Epson CLO projectors


Say that Epson projectors have the most vivid colours.


Say that Epson have the highest image quality.

Epson Europe CLO (Colour Light Output) projectors are proven to be brighter and have more accurate colour reproduction than WLO (White Light Output) projectors, further substantiated in ‘blind’ projector tests.

To understand why a CLO projector might be more attractive to teachers, lecturers, and commercial speakers, we compared CLO to WLO side-by-side, and the difference was as dramatic as it was different. It was something that had to be seen to be believed.

‘Seeing is believing’ was swiftly adopted as the campaign theme, with the benefits to the consumer clearly articulated, and more importantly, substantiated.

The campaign was then rolled out across Europe in both print and digital formats.

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