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Uplift in direct enquiries.


Reduction in bounce rate from website.

Debit Finance Collections were doing everything right. They already had a solid reputation, were known for total transparency and honesty, and used the latest technology to efficiently process millions of Direct Debit payments.

But with aspirations to expand into new commercial markets, confusion over their name (a surprising number of people misread debit as debt), and a website that was difficult to navigate with a high bounce rate, it became clear that they needed to renew their branding and digital presence.

Debit Finance Collections was simplified to DFC with the letter C representative of Direct Debit collection. Messaging made liberal use of ‘DD...’ word play reinforcing that Direct Debit was at the heart of their business, and the proposition of ‘We do things differently’ appeared across all comms.

Digitally the website was transformed by streamlining the content and simplifying the user journey. With reduced click paths, clear content and stronger Calls-To-Action, bounce rates reduced dramatically, and conversion to direct enquiries increased.

And the URL? It had to be ‘’.

Being ‘DDifferent’ obviously resonated and led to a tangible increase in enquiries, but what was genuinely surprising was that some of these enquiries came from existing customers...

"With regards internal leads being generated by the rebrand, this has been of great benefit to us, we have old clients coming back enquiring, we have current clients commenting on the brand, we have new clients in all sectors approaching DFC to work with them, being asked to sponsor more events. The brand is a powerful tool, we had some t-shirts made with the brand which were worn by waitresses at an awards event, we generated several leads through this."

Ross Young | Director | DFC

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