Transforming BP from a fuel supplier to a retail leader.


Customers analysed in key European markets


Key segments developed for creation of a messaging framework


Countries brought into one consolidated business intelligence dashboard

In 2015, BP consolidated marketing activity globally to optimise its effectiveness. To deliver this objective, their Fleet Cards business introduced a new European Cards Centre of Excellence (CoE), consolidating all cards marketers into one European team.

To stay competitive, BP implemented a customer-focused culture and proposition – with the objective of transforming itself from a fuel supplier to also becoming a leading retailer, by defining and implementing a differentiated offer.

The new centralised team required an agency to standardise their B2B marketing and digital strategies, processes and assets – with the overall strategy being to move marketing from a localised level to a centralised one, optimising all learning and shared opportunities throughout Europe.

Medium- to long-term initiatives

The brief

Graymatter won the account based on our clarity of strategic thinking within the Fleet sector, our ability to establish best-practice marketing strategy and technique, and our continuous improvement programme – driving a better return on marketing through our process of reviewing and refining our approach based on ongoing insights.

The overall strategy needed to address opportunities in mature markets, as well as emerging markets in Eastern Europe. As the lead agency, Graymatter was responsible for championing the transformation.

The overall strategic brief covered four workstreams:

  1. Customer Value Propositions (CVPs): Develop a centralised messaging strategy and framework for six key segments.
  2. Website: Audit existing BP (and Aral) Fuel Cards websites (including UI/UX and SEO) and develop personas, user stories, a proposed site structure and SEO strategy.
  3. CRM: Propose improvements for e-CRM activities and central creative and processes, with a view to building these into the marketing automation framework.
  4. Digital Channel Strategy and Management: Review DM channel reporting, develop a reach/demand generation strategy across core markets, and recommend and build a marketing automation framework.

The above workstreams needed to enable:

What we delivered

Our role was to work strategically with the BP European Cards CoE marketing team to deliver a centralised approach to all of the above workstreams, also acting as a mentor to their implementation partner, Saatchi & Saatchi, who was also responsible for delivering a centralised library of creative assets.

1. Customer Value Propositions (CVPs)

We analysed research carried out across 600 customers in key European markets to establish the lead and supporting CVPs for eight key segments in total, instead of the initial six, to develop a messaging strategy and framework to support reach and targeted marketing. These separated into cars and vans or trucks and buses, and then small fleets, larger SMEs, national and international travelling corporates and leasing.

To accurately develop the messaging, we audited digital and other assets from across Europe and worked with local marketing and sales managers, and segment experts, to fine tune messages and provide localised exceptions.

We then supported the Saatchi & Saatchi creative, copy and project delivery teams with workshops, guidelines and regular reviews to enable them to effectively produce creative assets and copy for a B2B Fleet audience.

2. Website

We audited websites across G5 countries, measured these against our auditing framework and provided short- and long-term recommendations in terms of content, technical and on-page SEO, page structure, navigation, user engagement, usability and functionality. Both the audits and messaging strategy enabled the Graymatter team to propose a segment-driven site structure.

We first developed four personas, and user stories aligned to the personas and segment messaging. We produced an SEO strategy and validated outputs of the proposed architecture and UX using a number of techniques. Our recommendations were aligned to the user stories to drive engagement, enrichment and, ultimately, leads. A metrics framework was also proposed improve website effectiveness.

In addition, the team developed business intelligence dashboards to report on key metrics across all 24 countries for all marketing channels, as well as a European dashboard for campaign comparison across 11 markets. A roadmap for strategic digital growth, optimising the user experience, lead generation and conversion rate across all channels was developed, and we proposed a tracking framework for measuring campaign performance.

3. CRM

This workstream involved reviewing BP Fuel Cards’ existing sales process, including the data sources and quality of leads and reporting structures, campaign and data lists, and the capability of the platform.

4. Digital Channel Strategy and Management

We used the above findings, and work around personas, to inform the marketing automation strategy, outlining the sales and marketing process aligned to personas and segments and our recommended approach to digital marketing. This covered a full range of activity from the transition of existing campaigns into the new centralised MA framework to defining a lead scoring model and templates for emails and landing pages, and QA testing of the framework.

We developed a standard MA framework as part of the strategy, recommending that BP Fuel Cards should operate across three separate levels: lead generation, customer retention and churn management. We then defined the campaigns and journeys and tested use cases against the framework.

The results

This full programme of work was delivered over a period of ten months. In a video produced to bring their ‘marketing transformation’ to life, BP European Cards CoE stated:

To deliver best-in-class communications across our markets, our procurement team benchmarked our existing agencies against the best in Europe. And so, we appointed a leading B2B marketing and fleet agency, based in the UK, to support us on a strategic level, together with a creative and digital agency in Poland, with a proven track record in delivering cost-effective global implementation.

Short- to medium-term initiatives

The brief

While embarking on the strategic activity outlined above, we were tasked with working on a number of short-term/quick win initiatives. Given our status as a Fleet Centre of Excellence in the UK, we were also appointed to deliver localisation of the centralised approach, as well as ongoing local requirements.

What we delivered

Quick Wins: Centralised and local websites
A centralised ‘quick wins’ website audit, strategy and recommendations, and localisation of the BP Fuels Cards UK quick wins site. This included a summary checklist, recommended site and page structure and content updates at a European level and implementation at a UK level.

Marketing automation localisation
Localisation of the marketing automation journey to Salesforce (and implementation of the platform), plus sales process application to all marketing campaigns. This included their affiliate lead allocation programme which was designed to benefit the sales and operations team through a significant reduction in manual hours as a result of the automated journey, more efficient lead management and a quicker allocation and response from the BP direct sales team as a result of reallocated resources.

Video case studies (UK content plan)
As part of the content strategy for the UK, we are currently developing video case studies that are targeted to segments and can be housed on the UK website, in their sales presenter and integrated into the MA journey to provide competitive differentiation. The first one underway is for SMEs with a corporate case study also scheduled.

Media plan strategy
We worked together with BP Fuel Cards UK’s media agency who advised on a programmatic media and display campaign through Quantcast and Encore, as well as with Saatchi & Saatchi to deliver campaign copy and creative.

The results*

With regards to our work across Europe and the UK, BP Fuel Cards has asked us not to share any results or assets as part of this case study.

"Graymatter were invited to tender for the BP Fuel Card European Account based on their growing reputation as a thought‐leader within the B2B Fleet sector. They won the account based on the quality of their strategic thinking and in‐ depth understanding of our objectives. They have since delivered a transformational programme of marketing, commutation and digital initiatives that are currently being implemented throughout Europe."

James Fields‐Davis | UK Fuel Card Marketing Manager & European Digital CoE | BP

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