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Advanced team win West Midlands Creativity & Innovation award

Once upon a time (autumn 2017), Advanced were inspired to create a competition inviting young children aged from 6 to 11 to write a creative ‘FairITale’ for the modern era – with the top 10 winning stories chosen for a book.

Why? Because The Prince‘s Trust were asking businesses nationwide to help them realise their ambition of raising £1 million to help disadvantaged young people turn their lives around – and who wouldn’t want want to be part of that?

It’s no surprise that when asked if we’d like to be involved the reply was a delighted yes, and armed with 10 fantastic stories we designed and illustrated ‘Fairy tales with a technological twist.’

Considering the age of the children the stories were astonishingly good. And creative. And witty. And then we thought about it a little.

We’ve got these talented kids who have taken the time and energy to write these wonderful stories – could we give them something back? So we embedded personal elements into every illustration, hiding their initials on trees or signs with the occasional school logo or uniform reference.

The result was a book that delighted the children, we loved working on, and more than exceeded expectations with Advanced who won the West Midlands Creativity & Innovation Award at the Midlands Million Makers Regional Final!

If you’d like to know more, or just fancy a light-hearted technological bedtime read why not order one for yourself?
You can do that here.

"Although we are naturally advocates of the benefits of technology, this doesn’t preclude us from being huge supporters of creative thinking and writing. What this collection of fairy tales shows is how important it is to continually reimagine the way in which we do things - we’ve been astounded by the ingenuity demonstrated in the stories which shows how the fairy tale can still be very relevant to children today. These traditional tales have been transformed by these children, making them relevant to the digital era in which we live, but with humour and creativity."

Sally Scott | Chief Marketing Officer | Advanced

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