Meet our B2B Marketing experts.

We enjoy solving complex B2B marketing challenges for clients and creating the right environment to engage prospects and delight decision-makers through compelling marketing campaigns and customer interactions. If we’re not delivering growth for our clients or shifting perceptions of their products or services, then we’re not happy.

We're very proud of the accolades and awards for innovation and Business to Business marketing effectiveness achieved in partnership with our amazing clients.

As you'd expect of an award-winning B2B marketing agency, we have a small army of inventive and enthusiastic specialists. Here are some of the people you’re likely to meet.

Dean Gray

Founder, CEO

Jason Lannin

Head of Digital

Dave Pickering

Head of Automotive

Colin Gray

Head of Marketing Strategy and Behavioural Economics

Simon Harrison

Head of Design

Gary Story

Head of CRM (Salesforce)

Emma Jowett

Head of Social Selling

Mark Kelly

Insight and Analysis